Time for Change?

If you are looking for a change of scenery, maybe a change of job or even a new career then I can probably help you.


We provide part-time, full time, contract & permanent roles from all levels from Trainee to Executive search solutions globally for the Horticultural & Grounds Maintenance & Management sector based on my 30+ years within Horticulture as well as Accountancy, Legal and Sales industries. Utilising our dynamic market experience and extensive market networks, our team of specialists in the global l market, being previously employed in the industry. This experience gives us the ability to understand your business and needs. Job Bank has the reputation of being able to source hard to find talent, for your hard to fill roles. We don’t believe in using technology to screen candidates, as talent is built not only on skills and experience. But on attitude & personality, the ability to engage and deliver on exceptional experiences, this is only gained through interaction. All our candidates going through an extensive interview process and screening by industry experts before being considered for presentation to our clients. Our Recruitment Service uses a computer system created by Job Bank which is one of the best systems and enables us to manage clients and jobs professionally and efficiently. Job Bank is totally secure and flexibly hosted, and offers a user-friendly service. This system is one of the exceptional technological assets to be found in our company, and we are very pleased with its ease of use and functionality. Using Job Bank, you will be able to take control of the recruitment process in order to access applications and track prearranged interviews on the calendar. This system is unique in the recruitment industry and will give you as much control of the staffing process as you would like. We are recruitment specialists.